A Daily Dose of Simsanity

Because you obviously aren't weird enough

Seriously. You aren't.

~HI, my name is Vanessa. I'm 19. If you recognize me from the Sims 3 site then you know me as Nestea7. I write the story, My Life Caught on a Silver Camera, which most of my posts will probably be about. But yeah, don't be afraid to talk to me if you feel like it. I don't bite. :)

~Since college has started my own sims posts have come to halt since I don't have my game with me in my dorm. So at the moment it's strictly text posts and reblogs besides whenever i go home to visit.

~Also, I track the tag justadashofsarcasm and just a dash of sarcasm.
Okay. Do have favorite sims stories and/or legacies you love to read? :)
I Do. I have a lot actually. Most likely, if anyone has a story I’ve looked at it and most likely lurk through it all the time. But some of my favs are:
Mysparkignited’s Chasing Rainbows,
Prisimatic’s Shattered Light,
Jess(ctrlshift-c)’s ISBI,
All of Berry’s story.
Ahh!! There’s too many to list. I can’t keep going. i read too many. I love everyone’s story on this sight and on the official site’s stories and legacies forum. Just, ugh!